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The VMAP system employs a geodesic array of 11 video sensors that capture video in all directions. The camera design allows VMAP’s advanced stitching software to seamlessly tie together all 11 feeds into a single spherical video. The viewer is then able to click and drag on the video screen to look around in any direction, at any time while the video is playing. As a visual intelligence tool, the system is unrivalled.


Learn more about how we address Nuclear Security concerns related to our Video Mapping Service

Live Streaming 360 Video

We are now offering a live streaming version of the same technology we use for video maps. Perfect for site security.

VMAP - Video Maps - viewer controlled immersive video

VMAP Nuclear can capture imagery of your plant's buildings and facilities that helps engineers, work planners, and maintenance workers see into the intricate facility without risking unnecessary worker exposure.

VMAP sets the standard for 360ş Spherical Imagery with the Dodeca® 2360. Using 11 video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry, our cameras capture complete spherical imagery: high-resolution, 360º views that are seamlessly stitched together. Completely portable, the result is dynamic, viewer-controlled video that can be used in many applications such as outage service planning, resource management, emergency response operations, and ALARA Health Physics.

How could you use this?

Your engineers can now tour your facility before stepping foot inside the building. Give better training to your contractors who are not familiar with the layout of your plant. Management can now review the facility from external locations. More people can now have access to your facility without the actual exposure.

  • Dose Reduction
  • Easily show navigation to critical components
  • Map paths to work areas and virtually walk the path
  • View work areas to supplement pre-job briefs and promote safety
  • Make a 360º visual record of critical enclosures - ex: reactor building close-out
  • Help in planning for refurbishing and repair of plant facilities

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