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Local Phone:1-484-727-VMAP (8627)
Address:4708 Yorkshire Drive
 Macungie, PA 18062 USA

Company Profile

VMAP Nuclear is a division of VMAP Technologies LLC and is located near Allentown, PA - a Pennsylvania corporation.

The founders of VMAP have been in the nuclear consulting business for over 25 years, providing engineering services for most of the world's nuclear power utilities. In particular, we have specialized in heat exchanger inspection services - eddy current inspections of tubing for nuclear steam generators, condensers, feedwater heaters and other balance-of-plant components. VMAP personnel have been key developers of the industry's major software and hardware systems which are currently in use today.

VMAP founders have provided consulting services to and through companies such as: ANATEC, AREVA, B&W, Duke Energy, Exelon, Master-Lee Energy Services, PPL, SCE&G, Westinghouse/Toshiba, Zetec.

Vincent Lynn
At VMAP Technologies, Vince is the President and Marketing Manager. Currently, Vince also consults his engineering services through Vera Cruz Marketing Inc. to nuclear power service firms including Master-Lee Energy Services, Westinghouse, Areva and others that perform inspection services at all of the worlds' electric utilities. He leads teams of engineers as they inspect critical components for quality and safety. He has also successfully developed and executed marketing initiatives to offer telecommunications services to small businesses that need unified communication tools - including Internet faxing and PBX services.

Prior to starting VCM in 1996, Vince was co-founder and president of Vortex Applications (now CoreStar International) where he developed new software products and inspection services for the non-destructive examination of heat exchangers in the power and petrochemical markets. Vince has also spent many years marketing and managing technical products and services for Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems and other smaller technology companies. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Tom Stankiewicz
At VMAP Technologies, Tom is the Lead Product Developer. He developed this video mapping technology and leads a team of software programmers and hardware developers and continues to market this technology in other markets, including schools, military, public buildings, airports, etc.

Prior to starting this new venture, Tom worked for the Erie, PA Police Dept for 20 years. He was a SWAT team member for 3 years and the Bomb Squad commander for 11 years. He developed this video mapping technology after responding to countless calls where sufficient building information was not available to first responders on arrival.

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