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Local Phone:1-484-727-VMAP (8627)
Address:4708 Yorkshire Drive
 Macungie, PA 18062 USA

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-- VMAP Technologies is currently meeting with many different utilities in the US and Canada for demonstrations of its technology. Please contact VMAP to schedule a visit to your site and we will arrange a demo.

-- VMAP Technologies announces that it is introducing new features to it current video mapping software which will allow users to add clickable links on "virtual tags" shown on its recorded video display. For example, during playback of the 360 degree video, tags (images or signs) can hover over components and users can click on these tags to take them to an external application which can then show more information on that particular component. This is very useful to quickly get critical component information (normally stored in a database application) on the objects being viewed on the screen. VMAP will continue to utilize its customer feedback and requests for useful features to incorporate into its products.

-- VMAP Technologies and a utility located in North Carolina have agreed to perform an installation and pilot program at its nuclear facility. VMAP will perform video mapping and live streaming video installations at the nuclear site which will benefit many different groups of workers, including RP's, security, engineers and emergency preparedness groups.

-- VMAP Technologies is announcing a new partnership with a sales team based in Canada which will help gain a worldwide presence in the international nuclear power markets. This new venture will bring a established network of existing sales reps and initiate sales efforts in countries including; France, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany and Belgium. More details to come later.

-- VMAP Technologies is pleased to announce that Master-Lee Energy Services will be providing sales and support for VMAP products and services at some of its key established locations. Master-Lee Energy Services offers refueling services and NDE inspection services at some of the world's largest utilities. Personnel at VMAP have worked with Master-Lee for the past 18 years and look forward to continue working together to add value to the products and services already offered by Master-Lee to their important customers.

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