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VMAP pairs immersive video with an existing floorplan, blueprint, map or other document, allowing the user to follow a map visually through 360º video. VMAP works for indoor and outdoor areas, and can be referenced by any image or document.

VMAP's Dodeca 2360 camera system has 11 lenses that capture high resolution 360º video from every direction simultaneously, at more than 100 million pixels or 30 frames per second (2400x1200 pixels per frame).

It is a compact, lightweight system (weighing less than 25 lbs) that is mounted on a customized backpack which has a patented stabilization system for walking through buildings. The backpack system has an integrated Dead Reckoning Module (DRM) for detection and plotting of motion to keep track of X-Y position in relation to the floormap at all times. The DRM is a miniature, self-contained, electronic navigation unit that provides the user’s position relative to an initialization point. The DRM analyzes movement and compensates when the backpack is moving backwards, sideways, running, crawling, or just “fidgeting” in place. An automatic compass orientation algorithm provides accurate azimuth information when the system is upright or prone. This is similar to GPS functionality which of course cannot be used on the inside of buildings.

Pre-Planning Mode
Before video data collection can begin, it is a requirement to have the floorplans already uploaded into our system project. Image files of these floorplans of any type can be incorporated - as long as they are to a consistent scale and broken out by floors (or sub-floors) for easy navigation.

Data Collection Mode - Production
It is just a matter of walking through your building with our camera system to record the data. We would pre-plan the routes to be taken and collect all the different paths that are possible through the building. In post-processing, our system will integrate the video from all the different paths such that any route can then later be taken when viewing.

When recording, lighting and doorway passage are the most important factors to consider. Doorways should be propped open (when possible) and lighting should already be in place. Of course, doorway passage in nuclear power plants are a critical issue - and time will need to be taken to gain access through each badge protected access point.

Production services include:
  • Immersive video imaging & recording.
  • Client Production Training & Support.
  • Content Production. Directing & Location Shooting.
  • Consultation services for content production
  • Design & Installation of Camera & Recording Systems
Post Processing Mode
After data collection, our team will process the video and integrate it with the existing floorplans. The resulting project will then be installed on a server selected by the facility customer. The final project will be user protected on the server and can only be accessed and edited by the program administrator (username/password protection).

Post Production services include:
  • Post Production Editing, processing and mastering of content
  • Client Training in Post Production tools & software.
  • Hardware and Software design & customization
  • Design & Consultation services for content post production
  • Client support with systems integration and program display applications
  • visual database reference library
  • Duplication & Distribution

Part of our turn-over package will be to train administrators to work with the final project to include labeling and icons for the mapping features of our system. For example, icons with description labels can be placed on the map to quickly view all the badged access points on the floor plain view. Another example: critical components can be iconed and labeled so that they are more easily found on the map.

The administrator can then process a "view only" output file for installation on an external workstation notebook or across the network.

Other features:
  • Upgrades will be made to the software on a yearly basis
  • High level of security incorporated into the design of the software to protect data from being copied.
  • Labels and icons can be selectively viewed on the map view.
  • Different Routes can be calculated and "way points" selected along a route to recalculate other paths.
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