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History of Innovation

Local Phone:1-484-727-VMAP (8627)
Address:4708 Yorkshire Drive
 Macungie, PA 18062 USA

History of Innovation

VMAP Technologies puts customer experience first by creating powerful products that are easy to implement and use. Our patented technologies continue to push the limits making our products even more interactive and effective. Our founders have a history of innovation in many industries. Our president has built numerous start-up companies, including:
  • CoreStar International (formerly Vortex Applications) - a successful eddy current non-destructive testing company that is currently providing innovative software and hardware to the nuclear and petrochemical industry.
  • Vera Cruz Marketing - a successful communications company that provides leading-edge Internet faxing and phone PBX services to small business customers. One of these businesses, Internet Fax Provider, was sold to the 2nd largest provider of Internet faxing, Protus IP Solutions of Ottawa, Canada. Other services include www.PersonalFaxProvider.com and www.RealEstateFaxProvider.com. Vera Cruz Marketing also provides engineering services to utilities and vendors of eddy current inspection services.

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