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VMAP - Security Concerns

VMAP Nuclear addresses the concerns of Security at Nuclear Power facilities regarding our service with the following measures:

Onsite Processing
  • Pre- and Post-Processing of all data is performed on-site. Nothing leaves the room of the secure server installation.
  • Installation of software is provided on server computers provided by VMAP which remain on-site in special access rooms provided by the utility customer.
Administrator Controlled Access
  • Administrator defines users, along with their access levels and passwords
  • Data encryption - cannot be copied from enrcypted hard disk - there’s no way to extract the key from the drive controller, and there’s no way to reboot the computer into a different operating system without the key being fully erased from the drive controller
  • Protects data residing on PCs making sure that data is inaccessible if the PC is lost or stolen.
  • Encrypts data on all installed PCs. Established policies make data inaccessible under specific, pre-set conditions like hard drive removal or password hack.
  • Restricted for use on installed and licensed computer
  • The software can be installed on only one workstation server and restricted from any network connections or file downloads
Licensed Software Protection
  • Software protected by HASP secure licensing activation keys
  • Strong copy protection - On-chip 128-bit AES encryption
  • A secure communication channel between the HASP HL key and the application offers powerful resistance to man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Secure, non PC-dependent external storage device: Store licenses, passwords, strings, and application dependent data in either protected read/write memory or ROM
  • Tamper-proof licenses: Unique LicenseOnChip technology embedded in each HASP protection key

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